Parenting With Your Partner

Sharing your life with a partner is a journey. When you add children, it's a shared joy, but — honestly — a challenge. This special workshop will cover fundamentals of living a good life as you parent together, focusing not just on decision-making, conflict management and division of labor, but also on joy and humor.

Parenting Master Skills in the First 18 Months

You know how to change a diaper, that “consistency is important” for discipline, and can sing all the words to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” That’s the basic stuff. But at each age, there are also master parenting skills to hone in on to help navigate the wild ride of parenting and allow us to use our energy wisely. We have access to books and websites that tell us the child’s milestones at each age, but what are the milestones for a parent? Together, we’ll look at the first year and a half quarter by quarter, and examine not just the milestones of infancy and toddlerhood, but those of the parents, and how, at each age, we can best use our time and energy to develop our relationship with our child.

Breastfeeding Clinic

Many new parents have questions about how breastfeeding is going. This clinic is a chance to get your questions answered, meet other nursing moms, work on increasing comfort, and weigh your baby.