1 in 7 women will suffer from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder - often referred to as postpartum depression (ppd). Fortunately, these symptoms are very treatable if they are appropriately diagnosed and managed with the right care.

In some cases, outpatient therapy and/or medication is enough to reduce symptoms and effectively treat a woman who is struggling with the transition to motherhood. However, in many cases this level of care is not sufficient, and she may require a more intensive treatment plan focused on getting her well.

The Motherhood Day Program is a safe, comforting space for pregnant and postpartum women who are dealing with moderate to severe depression, anxiety or a similar perinatal mood disorder. Each day involves a holistic treatment approach including individual and group therapy, yoga, meditation, education and a lot of support. HERE.

The program includes an on-site nursery for your infant, staffed by experts in mother-infant attachment.

Each mother is given a unique plan to treat her episode of depression and/or anxiety and to help her get better. As quickly as possible.

How Do I know If the Motherhood Day Program is Right for Me?

Usually, the first step in assessing suitability for our Day Program is a 90-minute evaluation with a reproductive psychiatrist that specializes in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, or a similar assessment with a therapist or psychologist. The aim of this initial consult is to get your medical and social history, learn about your symptoms, and come up with a strategy for your treatment plan.  A treatment plan may include outpatient care, support groups, medication, or the Motherhood Day Program.

Patients who benefit from the Motherhood Day Program typically experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Prolonged and intense feelings of anxiety and/or depression - during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Feelings of hopelessness, that 'things will never get better'
  • Difficulty getting through daily activities that used to feel much easier
  • Not sleeping or sleeping more than usual, not eating or eating more than usual
  • Fears and doubts regarding your ability to provide care for your infant
  • Scary and intrusive thoughts including harm coming to your baby



The Motherhood Center’s Day Program runs Monday - Friday from 9:45AM until 2:45PM. Each day is a combination of therapeutic support, process and education groups, along with alternative interventions including yoga, mindfulness and meditation, art therapy and more. For an example of our weekly schedule, click HERE.

We have an on-site nursery staffed by seasoned infant care professionals, and new moms are strongly encouraged to bring their babies with them to the program. Mother-infant dyadic specialists are on-site to help strengthen the bond between mom and baby. Pregnant women also participate in the Motherhood Day Program, and the milieu of new and expecting moms contributes to a nurturing and collaborative community of peer support.

During the Program, each woman is followed by an individual therapist and reproductive psychiatrist to ensure a comprehensive treatment team.



Fortunately, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (often referred to as postpartum depression) are highly treatable, over a short period of time. Treatment is generally 10-20 days, during which time most women show significant improvement. To measure self-reported anxiety and depression, we used the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS), which is scored between 0 and 30, with 12.5 signifying a likely episode of depression. At intake our average patient EPDS score is over 20 and at discharge it is less than 10.

Vaccination Policy

The Motherhood Center welcomes infants for evaluations, appointments, day program, and classes and support groups. We ask that mothers attest to the recommended schedule of vaccinations for their child, as put forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, so that all babies and pregnant moms who are at the Center are better protected. To review the recommended schedule click here.