Dr. Nicole Van Nortwick is the Director of Clinical Training and Senior Psychologist at The Motherhood Center of New York. Dr. Van Nortwick is well known as a highly regarded clinical supervisor who has trained psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers over the past 15 years at Columbia University Medical Center where she remains an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology.

During her tenure at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Van Nortwick supervised and provided treatment to individuals, groups and families seeking therapy and consultations at the NYP Community Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. She worked with both highly acute, short-term therapy cases as well as those with more chronic, severe and persistent mental illnesses.

In 2010, Dr. Nicole Van Nortwick co-created the Women's Program Team in the Community Outpatient Mental Health Clinic at NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. Under Dr. Van Nortwick’s leadership, the Women's Program Team became one of the most sought after rotations for professionals in training seeking supervision in the treatment of perinatal psychiatric issues. As the former Co-Leader of the Women’s Program Team, she developed a dyadic group model for pregnant and postpartum women suffering from psychiatric issues. This unique mother and infant group format helped dozens of mothers navigate the challenges of balancing care for themselves as well as their role as caretaker to their children, especially those with histories of trauma and neglect. Dr. Van Nortwick also has a private practice in Manhattan and is the Co-Founder of a group practice, Ballast Psychological Services, where she serves as an expert consultant and Supervising Psychologist.