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Twin Love Concierge


Description: Twin Love Concierge’s "Expecting Twins Class" helps connect you with other expecting twin parents in NYC whilst educating you on all the key areas in preparing for Twins. As certified professionals from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute, we combine the two essentials all new twin & triplet parents need – support and multiples expertise. The class is run by a renowned Twin Expert and are personalized so that all your concerns are addressed. Our services are recommended by OBGYNs and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the country. We provide invaluable support to expecting parents allowing peace of mind to relax and continue to grow the Twins as long as possible or focus on bringing home the babies.

Topics Covered:

  • Labor and Delivery with Multiples – CSec and Vaginal Birth

  • Twin Baby Gear Essentials You Do and Don’t Need

  • Tandem Breast and Bottle Feeding Techniques

  • Feeding, Bathing and Sleeping – Step by Step Advice

  • Setting up a Successful Twin Nursery and Home

  • What to Expect in the First Few Weeks with Twins

  • Preparing Mom for a Twin Birth and the NICU

  • How to Find Extra Help from Baby Nurses to Doulas

  • Getting Out and About with Twins

  • Introducing Twins to Siblings and/or Pets

  • A Day in the Life of Newborn Twins

  • Selecting a Twin Appropriate Pediatrician

  • Educational Classes You Do and Don’t Need

Instructor Bio: Kate Dugan

Kate started teaching TLC’s Expecting Twins Class because she is passionate about enabling expectant parents of twins to enter into multiple parenthood prepared and equipped. Kate aspires to enable expectant parents to handle the unique demands and enjoy the fascinating journey that is parenting multiples. She is the proud mother of fraternal boy / girl twins. After her twins were born in 2014 and as she tried to juggle a demanding career with motherhood, Kate realized that she had a lot to learn about parenting multiples! She dove head first into twin parenting groups online and made use of the many resources available to her via the internet to learn as much as she possibly could. Seven months after giving birth to her twins, Kate ran the New York City marathon, which had been a dream of hers for several years prior. She jokes that the sleep deprivation of early days with twins gave her the mental toughness she needed to make it through. In 2016, when her twins were two, Kate completed her first Ironman triathlon. Kate is passionate about helping moms balance the demands of motherhood with a healthy and personally fulfilling lifestyle. You can reach Kate at for more information about TLC’s Expecting Twins Class.

Cost: $150 / per couple
Dates: September 22, November 10
Time: 10:00AM – 1PM