Dr. D Bhatt is a Cornell trained psychiatrist with expertise in treating people who would benefit from professional insight in overcoming internal and external stressors that may be leading to dysfunction, or suboptimal function, at home, work or school.

His clients are accustomed to a high level of achievement and performance but are suffering in their work place or relationships due to anxiety, thought disturbances, or mood-related conditions. He offers a comprehensive and direct approach, with idea that each person responds uniquely to different therapies, but all expect and deserve results. He has experience working with a wide array of patients with a variety of conditions. In addition to his medical training, Dr. D Bhatt is also a well published neuroscientist, exploring mechanisms by which neurons and neurocircuitry, damaged by injury, stress, development and/or disease, can be repaired to restore function fully. This keeps him at the cutting edge of treatment options for his patients.