Pre/Post-Natal Yoga


Pre/Post-Natal Yoga


Come together with your fellow Pre- and Post-Natal moms for Yoga in a warm and caring environment. Liz Buehler Walker will guide you through Yoga movements, poses and breathing for calming, centering and tapping into your deep well of inner strength. This class is an oasis of Yoga goodness in the midst of your day. 

  • No Yoga experience necessary
  • Babies are welcome but not required
  • This class is for all Pre/Post-Natal women, and special attention is given to working gently with Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • There is no limit on how Post-Natal you can be -- many years is fine!

Instructor: Liz Buehler Walker
As a woman, yogi, mother and former dancer Liz loves the experience of being in a body. It is that relationship with her strong, vulnerable, moveable, intelligent, changeable container that informs her living, her yoga and her teaching. It is a lifelong process, but some of the incredible people of note that she has studied with are Peter Rizzo of Bhava Yoga (500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2001), Alan Finger of ISHTA Yoga (Yoga Teacher Training Bridge Program for meditation and subtle body, 2008), Mia Borgatta of Lila Yoga and Wellness (Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training, 2012), Lara Kohn-Thompson and Beth Donnelly-Caban of Integral Yoga (Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training, 2016). She is currently on the 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training team at Jaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, NY. Over the years she has mentored many yoga teachers and has had several yoga teachers as apprentices, particularly in the area of Pre-Natal Yoga.

Cost: $20 per class 
Duration: Every Monday beginning July 17th 
Time: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

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