New Mommy Real Talk


New Mommy Real Talk


As new moms negotiate the rollercoaster of parenthood, so much focus is placed on how elated you must feel to have this new bundle of joy in your life. BUT LET'S GET REAL. IT'S HARD TOO! Join us for a new mom's group that makes room for REAL TALK. A place where new moms can support one another through the challenging parts of parenthood and give each other permission to love being a mom, and not love it - all at the same time. Run by a licensed social worker with years of personal and professional experience in motherhood, topics include:

  • Dealing with lack of sleep
  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Role transition and self-identity after baby
  • Changes in your relationship
  • Workload imbalance in your relationship
  • Having a hard time asking for help
  • Going back to work - or not
  • Dealing with feelings of guilt or shame
  • Body image after baby and much more!

For mommies and babies 0 - 6 months , Refreshments available, Walk-ins welcome, Bring your baby!

Instructor: Paige Bellenbaum, LMSW
Paige Bellenbaum, LMSW is the Program Director of The Motherhood Center of Manhattan. After Paige’s first son Max was born, she suffered from severe postpartum depression that almost cost her her own life. Once she began to heal, she became committed to fighting for education, screening and treatment for postpartum depression so that no more women would have to suffer silently. She drafted legislation in New York State that was championed by State Senator Liz Krueger, mandating education and strongly encouraging screening of all new and expecting mothers that was signed into law in 2014. Paige has been an outspoken advocate on the issue of postpartum depression, and uses her own story as a tool for change. She has appeared on the Today Show, NPR, PBS Newshour and in Women’s Health Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and several other print publications. Paige is currently on the steering committee of the NYC Maternal Depression Collaborative that is responsible for implementing the First Lady’s commitment to screening every new and expecting mother for postpartum depression.

Cost: $25 per class
Duration: Every Wednesday
Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

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