Biohack Your Baby Body


Biohack Your Baby Body


Join New York City’s 3 leading female forces in the health and fitness community as we dive deep into how to rehab and reclaim your body after baby. We’ll give you our tips and tricks to:

  • Heal your pelvic floor and c-section scar
  • Optimize how you move and breathe to prevent injury
  • Get in touch with your core muscles as you carry, feed, and hold your baby with better posture

Get ready to learn our insider tips and techniques that we give our patients and clients one on one. This class is hands on so be ready to experience a full body transformation as we move, breath, and heal together. 

Dr Emily Kiberd, Chiropractor
Melissa Paris, Personal Trainer
Lindsey Vestal, Pelvic Floor Therapist

Dr Emily Kiberd is a chiropractor and owner of Urban Wellness Clinic a multi-disciplinary clinic focusing of elevating the health of her patients. She specializes in how the body compensates for scar tissue injuries like C-section scars and rehabbing the body similar to how we moved in the most primal way, like babies.

Lindsey Vestal is an occupational therapist specializing in pelvic health. Her company, the Functional Pelvis, offer pelvic floor therapy "house calls" throughout NYC. She is passionate about promoting positive and holistic education to everyone who has a pelvis. The pelvic floor is such a vital part of our being and she finds that most people aren't talking about it enough.  She is changing that one pelvic floor at a time. 

Melissa Paris has 15 years of fitness and nutrition experience, graduating with a degree in dietetics and working as a personal trainer since college. Her Strong First Kettlebell certification as well as her continuing education with the Postural Restoration Institute gives her cutting edge knowledge to help many moms. 

Cost: $50 for 2 hour workshop
Date/Time: November 1, 2017 Wednesday 6-8pm

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