Baby Massage Workshop


Baby Massage Workshop


Date/Time:  *CLASS IS CANCELED* for February 10th, 11AM -1PM
Cost: $65 pre-registration required

For babies 5 weeks to 5 months & their parents

  • Develop deeper bonding and attachment
  • Nurture body and mind development through touch
  • Learn techniques to help soothe and calm baby
  • Learn ways to nurture nervous system regulation
  • Create useful sleep rituals using massage
  • Learn techniques to address congestion, colic, and digestive issues
  • Find ways to help feel centered, grounded, & relaxed amidst new parenting


Taught by Ellynne Skove LCAT, NCC, BC-DMTRPP

Ellynne Skove is a licensed therapist, yoga & developmental movement specialist, and bodyworker with a background in pre and perinatal psychology and health. She is the Director of BRIGHT START BABIES and the creator of GoGo Babies® Tummy Time, Baby Yoga, & Developmental Movement.

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