The Motherhood Center offers a full array of classes and support groups for all new and expecting mothers - and partners too! From childbirth preparation, to breastfeeding support, to groups for new and expecting moms experiencing depression and anxiety - there is menu of options to meet you where you are at on your perinatal journey.





Vaccination Policy

The Motherhood Center welcomes infants for evaluations, appointments, day program, and classes and support groups. We ask that mothers attest to the recommended schedule of vaccinations for their child, as put forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, so that all babies and pregnant moms who are at the Center are better protected. To review the recommended schedule click here.

New and Expecting Mom's Morning PMAD Support Group (Day Class)

Transitioning to parenthood is difficult for every new mother, but for some it can bring along feelings of depression and/or anxiety. At least 20% of all new mothers suffer from postpartum depression and/or anxiety, and sometimes the best medicine for feeling better is being around other moms that are struggling just like you.

Instructor: Paige Bellenbaum, LMSW
Paige Bellenbaum, LMSW is the Program Director of The Motherhood Center of Manhattan. After Paige’s first son Max was born, she suffered from severe postpartum depression that almost cost her her own life. Once she began to heal, she became committed to fighting for education, screening and treatment for postpartum depression so that no more women would have to suffer silently. She drafted legislation in New York State that was championed by State Senator Liz Krueger, mandating education and strongly encouraging screening of all new and expecting mothers that was signed into law in 2014.

Paige has been an outspoken advocate on the issue of postpartum depression, and uses her own story as a tool for change. She has appeared on the Today Show, NPR, PBS Newshour and in Women’s Health Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and several other print publications.

Dates: Every Thursday
Time: 10am – 11am
Cost: $25 per class

New and Expecting Mom's Evening PMAD Support Group (Night Class)

Transitioning to parenthood is difficult for every new mother, but for some it can bring along feelings of depression and/or anxiety. At least 20% of all new mothers suffer from postpartum depression and/or anxiety, and sometimes the best medicine for feeling better is being around other moms that are struggling just like you.

Dates: Every Thursday (no class June 21)
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Cost: $25 per class

Partners Group

The transition to parenthood is difficult for moms and dads. While many new and expecting moms struggle from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) otherwise known as postpartum depression - partners do too. If mom is suffering and you are trying to support her through it – this is a great opportunity to meet other partners having a similar experience. The best thing for partners to do to get through this challenging time is to get the support THEY need.

Dr. Chuck Schaeffer is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and an internationally recognized scholar, educator, and speaker who has spent nearly a decade working with parents, professionals, and couples to overcome reproductive challenges including insomnia, miscarriage & loss, postpartum anxiety and depression. Dr. Schaeffer is a published author and clinical faculty at NYU, who’s clinical expertise has been featured in Psychology Today, Postpartum Support International, Huffington Post, Deloitte, Vice News, and  He has worked with hundreds of clients in his private practice in Greenwich Village, NY and around the world, gaining a reputation for drawing out the best potential in people and organizations through his warm, genuine, insightful, solution focused style. Dr. Schaeffer trained and served as a clinician at Mount Sinai Medical School, William Alanson White Institute, and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs while completing his Ph.D. at New York University. He currently serves as a clinical advisor and consultant to various reproductive mental health organizations including the Seleni Institute, Huddle, and the Motherhood Center. 

Date: Every Friday
Time: 9:45am-10:45am
Cost: $25 per session

Tuesday Breastfeeding Clinic

This clinic is a very special opportunity to get the full assessment of an individual consult at a fraction of the price in a semi-private setting. Attendance is capped at four mom-baby pairs. As with a breastfeeding support group, discussion will be open, friendly and non-judgmental, and the setting is social, but we can address more complicated infant feeding situations because of our small size and the clinical focus. You will leave with a written care plan to help you on your way.

Pre-registration is required for this clinic  (OK to register the morning of). After you register, you will need to complete an intake form to submit in advance so that I am ready for you when you arrive.  Note: it is totally okay to come a little late, since we will be working on more than one mom's breastfeeding concerns. More information about the clinic and about the facilitator can be found

Instructor Bio
Meredith Fein Lichtenberg is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a Certified Childbirth Educator, and a former lawyer. She has worked with over a thousand new families on the past fifteen years, teaching for every major parenting organization in New York City, at numerous major corporations, and in private consults. She served on the Board of Directors of the Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York for over ten years. Meredith lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children. 

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 2:45 pm– 4:15 pm
Cost: $125 / session
*Limit 4 new moms at a time

thursday breastfeeding clinic

This clinic is designed for breastfeeding women and their babies. In a calm, non-judgmental group setting, women come together to address their breastfeeding questions and concerns from nipple pain to breast engorgement, issues with babies’ weight gain, pumping, going back to work, teething, introducing solid food and much more. If needed, we can weight your baby before and after the feeding to see how much milk your baby is getting and come up with a plan accordingly.  

Date: Every Thursday
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Cost: $50 - A scale is available


Instructor Bio
Ayelet Kaznelson, IBCLC is a Lactation Consultant and labor support doula. She brings her experience and expertise with helping over 10,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women and their babies for the past 17 years. Ayelet  strives to provide families with evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions. Ayelet believes that each woman deserves to make her own choices, while being treated with respect and kindness, listened to, and to be assisted to meet her breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be. Ayelet has worked in many different settings such as the Elizabeth Seton birthing center, pediatric practices, the Realbirth Prenatal and Postpartum Center, and Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in LA to name but a few. She runs her private practice in Manhattan. Ayelet has two children: college student Zoë and middle schooler Liam. 

Difficult Birth Group

Date: Every Monday
Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm
Cost: $50 per session

There is so much focus these days on how to plan for the “perfect birth” that when a birth doesn’t go as anticipated it often comes as a terrible shock to a new mother. Grief, shame, and anger are just a few of the powerful emotions that may well up in a new mom who feels that she is somehow to blame for not having the birth she worked towards with such high hopes. To further compound things, a new mom may feel isolated with these emotions, which can exacerbate the negative feelings associated with the birth. All of which may overwhelm a new mom and make it harder for her to feel connected to her baby, and empowered in her role as a parent.

This group invites women who have had a difficult birth experience to process their feelings in a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space.

Goals of the group:

  1. To experience the healing impact of receiving feedback from other women who have had similar experiences and who can empathize with, and normalize each other’s emotional responses.

  2. To help members of the group create meaning through telling and making sense of their birth stories. This process facilitates the integration of this experience into their personal narratives, lessening its traumatic impact.

  3. To provide non-judgmental support in areas of parenting that may be particularly challenging after a difficult birth such as: feeding, sleeping, taking the baby outside, caring for a sick baby, etc. Additionally this group will focus on the importance of self-care for the new mom: how it positively impacts the mother-child bond, and ways to increase it.

  4. To encourage better coping skills that empower members to feel more secure in their choices as a parent, and to develop personal, and more realistic standards of what it means to be a good mom.

Instructor Bio:
Allison Schwartz, Psy.D, is a clinical psychologist specializing in adult psychotherapy. Dr. Schwartz received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University, and did her postdoctoral training at the Karen Horney Clinic (in affiliation with the American Institute for Psychoanalysis).

Dr. Schwartz completed her internship at the Manhattan V.A. Hospital, where she received extensive training in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as other clinical issues including depression, anxiety, sleep, addiction, and adjustment disorders. Prior to internship, Dr. Schwartz also participated in year-long trainings at the NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, St. Luke’s–Roosevelt Hospital (now Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s) Women’s Health Project, and Brooklyn College’s Counseling Center. Across these settings, Dr. Schwartz has had the wonderful opportunity to work with clients of varying ages, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations, providing her great familiarity and comfort working with people from all backgrounds.

In her private practice, Dr. Schwartz has a special interest in working with women’s issues, particularly pertaining to struggles with pregnancy, the birth experience, motherhood, and work/family balance. This interest continues to inform her psychotherapeutic work given the relevance of these challenges for so many women today.

Pregnancy Project: Workplace Rights for the Modern Mom

Dates: September 25, November 13
Time: 6pm-8pm
Cost: $45

This class can be taken during pregnancy and before you return to work. We will cover issues including:

  • Taking leave from your job
  • Asking for accommodations from your employer, including if you are dealing with Postpartum Depression
  • Recognizing and combating pregnancy discrimination
  • Contesting a medical bill
  • How to obtain a free breast pump
  • How to enroll your child in health insurance
  • Wage and hour laws, if you are hiring help at home

Instructor Bios

Rosa Aliberti
Rosa has worked on diverse labor and employment law matters, including wage and hour cases; workplace investigations; severance, employment, and non-compete agreements; has drafted and responded to discrimination complaints before government agencies, including the U.S. EEOC and NYS Division of Human Rights; and, has assisted in federal and state court litigations.

Alex Berke
Alex provides advice and counsel regarding health insurance and COBRA eligibility for employees and employers. Alex litigates and provides advice and counsel on sex harassment and discrimination cases, including pregnancy, disability, race and gender discrimination. 


Birth can be a great opportunity to bond with your partner. Learning simple but profound hands-on tools to support a pregnant woman during pregnancy, comfort her during labor, ease the pain during birth and attend her needs during postpartum can be transformative.

I’m excited to offer a Mother’s Day special discount for Birth Partner 101 in May, June and July. You can get it for you or as a gift!

The code is valid only if you register until May 14th. Use promo code MOTHERSDAY to get $10 off.



In this workshop you will learn how to provide comfort for the mother, gain confidence as a partner and develop an effective communication as a "birth team". Whether you are having a medicated or unmediated birth, you will learn practical hands on skills, breathing techniques and excellent positions that helps to relieve pain, manage fear and help to connect with each other during the labor, birth and postpartum periods. Partners will learn efficient ways to provide self-care for themselves and how to attend and comfort the mother with useful body-mind resources. Pregnant women and their partners will gain confidence and reassurance from each other and from other participants by discussing any subject to ensure that you feel ready and confident to birth.

***This workshop is open for pregnant people at any stage of pregnancy and their birth partners. 
***No background in yoga and movement is required. 
***This workshop is an excellent complement to Childbirth Education classes. 

About Shahar:

Shahar Lion, LMSW is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in women’s health. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University and postgraduate training in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Shahar is a well-respected prenatal yoga teacher and a certified Movement Analyst from the Laban Institute. She has worked with pregnant women, their families and birth community in New York City for a decade. Shahar made a valuable contribution in the Birthing community in NYC on the topics of anxiety, perinatal depression, trauma, mood disorders and movement. She meets clients for therapy at her private practice, TrueThriver in midtown Manhattan and in a secure online sessions. Shahar teaches yoga at clients' home and yoga studios around NYC.

For any questions and to learn more about Shahar Lion’s practice go to: OR

Price: $150 (per couple)

Date: June 9
Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm

Date: July 21
Time: 2pm-5pm

Date: Aug 25
Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm


Supporting Healthy Relationships
During the Transition To Parenthood

For more than a decade, Montefiore’s Supporting Healthy Relationships program has empowered thousands of couples in the New York area to achieve success within their families and finances. Through our FREE psychoeducational workshops, family support services, and employment services, couples have had the opportunity to meet other couples, spend quality time together, improve their communication, and find employment—ultimately ensuring healthy, happy, stable families.

SHR is thrilled to bring our FREE program to The Motherhood Center to help new parents with the transition to parenthood. The 9-week workshop is based on The Bringing Baby Home (BBH) curriculum, a research-based and research-tested psychoeducational workshop that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families. Developed by renowned relationship and parenting experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, the goal of BBH is to equip you with the knowledge and skill sets needed to constructively cope with the various changes that typically occur during the first few years after your baby is born.

During this dedicated 3-hour “date night,” you and your partner will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your friendship
  • Increase intimacy and affection
  • Prevent harmful fights
  • Improve communication
  • Master the art of compromise
  • Create positive interactions with your baby
  • Negotiate co-parenting strategies
  • Recognize signs of postpartum mood disorders


  • Both partners are 18 years or older
  • In a committed relationship
  • Expecting a child or have a child age 0-1 (biological, foster, or adopted)

Cost: FREE*
Dates: Tuesdays

July 17 & July 24 (intakes)
July 31-September 25 (9-week workshop)

Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m. (dinner will be served)

*Note: While you are welcome to bring your baby to the intake appointment, the workshops themselves are intended as a “date night” for the couple to spend quality time together focusing on their relationship, so only the couple should attend without the child.

*This program is FREE, as it is a federally funded program part of a national research study. Couples will receive light meals during each workshop, as well as childcare reimbursement and transportation support for their participation. 

To enroll, couples must first attend an intake appointment that includes an interview and survey completion. For more information and to register, please call Jacqueline Rodriguez at 914-268-7933.

Instructor Bios

Traci Maynigo, Psy.D., Ed.M., M.A., is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in couple and family therapy, multicultural psychology, and maternal mental health. She has been researching and writing about diverse couples, with a particular interest in intercultural couples, for the past decade. She received her B.A. in English from Yale University, Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. She has specialized training in Gottman Method Couple Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), and is also a Certified Bringing Baby Home (BBH) Educator. She is currently the Program Director of Supporting Healthy Relationships at Montefiore Medical Center, a federally funded marriage and relationship education program for couples. She and her husband live in Brooklyn with their 2-year-old son and dog, and are expecting their second child in October 2018.

Bruce Pajot, M.Div, MA, LMHC, LPC, is a licensed counselor and works as a couples and individual therapist in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Since 2007, he has also worked as a counselor and relationship educator at Montefiore Medical Center, as a part of a workshop based, federally funded program to help couples improve their relationship. He has contributed to the development of the curriculum used in these workshops. As a counselor/therapist, he has worked with approximately 800 couples and led approximately 900 relationship workshops. Bruce has specialized training in Gottman Method Therapy, PREP Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Bruce has a rich background of diverse experience including working as a nuclear engineer, high school teacher, minister and public speaking consultant. He has been married for 43 years and is the father of two adult daughters and grandfather to three grandsons. He holds a M.Div. from Princeton Seminary and an MA from Nyack College.

The Pelvic Floor + The Pregnant Push: For Birthworkers

Birthworkers, you're invited to join Chantal Traub, maven doula/childbirth educator and Lindsey Vestal, pelvic floor therapist for their groundbreaking workshop focusing on 2nd stage of labor and the pelvic floor! Topics include:

  • What is the second stage labor? What’s really going on with the pelvis, the baby and the pelvic floor?
  • How birthworkers can better support "pushing" (with or without an epidural)
  • Pelvic anatomy + our sacred geometry
  • The dance between the the baby and the bony pelvis
  • Breathing techniques
  • Movement to support our own understanding of our pelvic health
  • Should we tell our clients to automatically do “kegels”?
  • Exercises to strengthen and protect against pelvic floor trauma
  • Pushing, labor positions and breath: the “how to”

Throughout Lindsey and Chantal's career's, they have focused on the second stage of labor and protection and healing of the pelvic floor. This 2.5 hour workshop will dive deep into this sacred and essential aspect of labor. Bring your questions and dress comfortably.

birth day presence classes


Founded in 2002, Birth Day Presence is the premier provider of smart, non-judgmental childbirth education, doula services and on-demand lactation support for savvy New Yorkers. Founded in 2002, Birth Day Presence is the longest-running and most trusted independent childbirth education and doula referral center in the city.

An Approach to Birth that Fits Your Family
We hand-select the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth traditions to provide NYC’s expectant and new parents with modern, practical education and support, helping to reduce the fear and anxiety around childbirth, while increasing the joy and pleasure of confidently becoming parents. Birth Day Presence has assisted over 10,000 families and is proud to provide exceptional service to all kinds of families

*Buy all 3 classes (childbirth, breastfeeding/newborn care, and infant CPR) and save 10%!


Our Infant CPR and Child CPR workshops will teach you the most up-to-date protocols in how to safely and effectively administer CPR in case of an emergency. These classes are great for parents, parents to be, grandparents, and caregivers. The 2hr class teaches the basics of infant CPR and safety for infants aged 0-1. Price is per couple. Additional attendees pay $85.

Price: $190 (per couple). Additional attendees pay $85.
Date: July 25, August 29
Time: 7pm - 9pm

Date: Sept 26
Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm

childbirth class: weekend intensive

This class will be a blend of lecture, video, demonstration and practice and will include, but not be limited to: Gestation and Anatomy, Preparing your Body and How to Adapt to Its Changes, Signs, Stages and Emotional Signposts of Labor, Pain Management Techniques, Understanding Evidence-Based Care, Birth Preference Sheets (Birth Plans), Pain Medication Options, Labor Support (who should be at your birth), Understanding Medical Support (Interventions) and Induction, Cesarean Birth and Prevention and Postpartum Health.

Price: $395
Dates: June 16, 10am-3:30pm /  June 17, 10am-3:30pm
July Dates: July 14, 11:30am-5:00pm / July 15, 10:30am-3:30pm
August Dates: August 4, 10am-3:30pm /  August 5, 10am-3:30pm

childbirth class: one day intensive

Childbirth Classes NYC. Founded in 2002, Birth Day Presence is the premier provider of smart, non-judgmental childbirth education for savvy New Yorkers. Routinely recommended by the top OBs and Midwives in NYC, we are one of the longest-running and most trusted independent childbirth education centers in the city. BDP hand-selects the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth traditions to provide NYC’s expectant and new parents with modern, practical education and support, helping to reduce the fear and anxiety around childbirth, while increasing the joy and pleasure of confidently becoming parents. BDP has assisted over 6,000 families.

The same material covered in our regular weekday and weekend intensive series, only all in one day.

Class is a blend of lecture, video, demonstration and practice and will include, but not be limited to:

  • Gestation and Anatomy
  • Preparing your Body and How to Adapt to Its Changes
  • Signs, Stages and Emotional Signposts of Labor
  • Pain Management Techniques: breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, vocalization and much more
  • Understanding Evidence-Based Care
  • Birth Preference Sheets (Birth Plans)
  • Pain Medication Options
  • Labor Support–who should be at your birth
  • Understanding Medical Support (Interventions) and Induction
  • Cesarean Birth and Prevention
  • Postpartum Health

Price: $375 per class
Dates: Sept 29
Time: 10am-4pm

Childbirth Class: Express

For expectant parents who want a no-frills childbirth class in a nutshell. The focus will be on: signs and stages of labor, pain management techniques (breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and vocalization), pain medication options, understanding medical support/interventions/induction, and cesarean birth/prevention.

Price: $350 per class
Dates: June 25, July 9, July 23, August 8, August 22, Sept 17
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Class

This a combined breastfeeding and newborn care class which will help new families to become familiar with the basics of feeding your infant and how to care for your infant in the first 6 weeks after birth. Partners encouraged to attend! Take this class before you have the baby.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to get breastfeeding off to the best start
  • How to help your infant latch-on and correct positioning
  • How to know if the baby is getting enough milk
  • How to avoid common breastfeeding problems and when to call a specialist
  • Understanding normal infant behavior, communication, appearance and sleep patterns
  • Understanding common newborn procedures in the hospital
  • Understanding the basics of diapering, cord care, bathing, and assessment of your baby
  • Understanding soothing techniques, swaddling, holding
  • Understanding postpartum adjustment for the whole family
  • Newborn warning signs

Price: $195
Dates: June 18, July 16, August 13, Sept 24
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Ready to Parent


Summer Series - All 3 Classes

Cost: $800
Dates: June 19, 20 & 26
Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Summer Class 1 - Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Health

Cost: $300
Dates: June 19
Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Summer Class 2 - Developmental Milestones, Healthy Sleep Habits and Breast Feeding

Cost: $250
Dates: June 20
Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Summer Class 3 - Your Baby's First Exam and Infant CPR

Cost: $300
Dates: June 26
Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Summer Sprint Class - Labor & delivery and your babies first exam

Cost: $300
Dates: July 9
Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm

rachel welch classes


Rachel Welch is the founder of Revolution Motherhood, a fitness method tailored to heal and strengthen postpartum bodies. Her signature program, Foundations, integrates yoga, pilates, bootcamp, barre and soft foam rolling, and stems from the ultimate experiment of rehabilitating her own postpartum body. You can experience Rachel’s transformative work in New York City where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She also offers on-line video programs on her website. You can read more about her work and view her latest class schedule at

Embodied Motherhood

Date: Saturdays, June 23, July 14, Sep 8
Time: 10am-11am

Join Revolution Motherhood founder, Rachel Welch, as she guides you through your post-partum body and teaches you how to re-connect to your body, mind, heart and movement practices after giving birth.
Explore common post-partum injuries:

  • Diastasis recti
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Incontinence and weak joints

And learn real tools to make a full recovery

Using soft foam rollers, your breath and expert cueing, Rachel will get you in touch with parts of yourself you haven’t experienced…in a long time.

You will walk away feeling open, moved and armed with the knowledge you need to take the next steps in rebuilding your body, mind and thriving motherhood.

Whether it’s been 6 weeks or 16 years - it’s never too late to heal and thrive.

*Pre-crawling babies are welcome*