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The Top 5 Common Scary Thoughts Among Fathers (and What They Mean)

New parenthood can be emotionally overwhelming for everyone — and that goes for dads, too. This month, we asked TMC partner group facilitator Dr. Chuck Schaeffer for a candid take on the issues and fears new dads face — and often are too intimidated to admit — as they make the transition. Here are the top five common fears he’s encountered, plus help for how to decode them and deal with them in healthful, supportive ways.

Recognizing the Signs of Postpartum Depression

The birth of a child is an event in a woman’s life that often brings a sense of overwhelming joy. But this is not always the case...and even when excitement and anticipation are at their peak, they can come amid a slew of other not-so-great feelings, too. As it turns out, 1 in 5 women suffer from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including postpartum depression or PPD. Here are 5 signs of Postpartum Depression.