The Top 5 Common Scary Thoughts Among Fathers (and What They Mean)

New parenthood can be emotionally overwhelming for everyone — and that goes for dads, too. This month, we asked TMC partner group facilitator Dr. Chuck Schaeffer for a candid take on the issues and fears new dads face — and often are too intimidated to admit — as they make the transition. Here are the top five common fears he’s encountered, plus help for how to decode them and deal with them in healthful, supportive ways.

Returning to Work with PPD

Going back to work after maternity leave is hard. Going back to work while still coping with Postpartum Depression is even harder. Returning to the workplace might intensify your PPD symptoms, or trigger new ones. Even if you love your job, the workplace means separation from your child, finding a new routine, and juggling all the new responsibilities of motherhood. It may also mean fielding endless questions about how your baby is doing, how wonderful it is to be a mom, how tired you might be feeling, and any number of triggering questions you don’t feel comfortable answering.