When Life After Baby Isn’t All Rainbows & Butterflies: A Discussion with Catherine Birndorf, MD and Cleo


Many transitions in life are difficult — especially the transition to parenthood — but we tend to talk about the newborn period as one of instant bonding and bliss. For a lot of new moms, that’s not their experience, and that’s 100% normal.

But what’s the line between feeling like “Wow, this is a really tough time. I’m struggling with this adjustment,” and “Hmm. I think I might have perinatal depression (PPD) or anxiety (PPA)”? In this chat, we’re going to be talking with Catherine Birndorf, M.D, a reproductive psychiatrist and co-founder of The Motherhood Center in New York City, about this grey area between “well” and “sick”, when to seek help, what the standard is for a diagnosis of PPD or PPA, and what the research shows about prevention and treatment.

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This Discussion was originally recorded on 10/31/2018