Admission begins with a brief over-the-phone intake with our front desk administrators or a clinical therapist (212 335-0034). A verification of health care benefits will be conducted, and an evaluation will be scheduled for as soon as possible. If necessary, we can admit women immediately into the Motherhood Day Program, but in most cases, we will schedule an initial in-person evaluation with one of our reproductive psychiatrists or a clinical therapist first. If it is determined that a woman would benefit from the Motherhood Day Program, we can admit her as soon as that day to begin treatment.

Insurance for our Day Program
The Motherhood Center aims to make treatment for our day program available to all patients who require this level of care. Each insurance policy is different and based on the available benefits we will work with patients to make care affordable.
If your plan does not have Out-of-Network benefits, we are often able to negotiate a single case agreement with your insurance carrier, based on the clinical need and the efficacy of treatment provided a The Motherhood Center.
Additionally, we provide hardship and scholarship care in some cases, based on need. Please see below link for our Motherhood Day Program hardship form. 

Motherhood Day Program Hardship Form

Insurance For Initial Evaluations, Outpatient Therapy, Medication Management and Pre Pregnancy Consultations
The Motherhood Center is currently out of network with insurance providers. For patients with Out-of-Network benefits, we will bill the insurance company and utilize benefits where possible, however many plans these days have large deductibles.
For high-deductible and hardship cases we will consider discounted initial evaluations as well as scholarship care, based on need. Please see below a link for our outpatient hardship form.

Outpatient Hardship Form